You're Not The One Testo

Testo You're Not The One

monday morning 8:30, across the hall i saw you starin at me, cuz i was staring at you, that same day when the clock struck one, we were eating lunch just having fun, i hadn't seen you yet, just then our eyes met, and i knew from that day on you would be the one, the next day at 4pm i wrote a letter i knew i would never send, but i could pretend, i wrote down what i couldn't say then i ripped it up, i through it away, i knew i was too shy, i thought about your eyes, and i knew from that day on i was in love....wednesday morning 8:30 across the hall i saw you staring at me, as you held some girls hand, that same day as the clock read one, with that girl you were having fun, you hadn't seen me yet,. just then your lips met and i knew from that day on, you were not the one

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