Making X-mas Testo

Testo Making X-mas

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
This time.
This time.

Making Christmas.
Making Christmas.

Making Christmas.
Making Christmas, is so fine.
It's ours this time and won't the children be surprised.
It's ours this time.

Making Christmas.
Making Christmas.
Making Christmas.

Time to give them something fun
They'll talk about for years to come,
Let's have a cheer from everyone.
It's time to party.

Making Christmas.
Making Christmas.

Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice with spider legs and pretty bows.
It's ours this time.
All together, that and this with all our tricks we're making Christmas time.

Here comes Jack.

I don't believe what's happening to me,
My hopes, my dreams, my fantasies.

Won't they be impressed.
I am a genius.
See how I transform this old rat,
Into a most delightful hat.

My compliments from me to you
On this your most intriguing hat.
Consider, though, this substitute.
A bat in place of this old rat.
Huh. No, no, no. Now, that's all wrong.
This thing will never make a present.
It's been dead for much too long.
Try something fresher, something pleasant.
Try again, don't give up!

Altogether, that and this
With all our tricks we're making Christmas time.

This time.
This time.
It's ours!
Making Christmas,
Making Christmas.
La la la.
It's almost here and we can't wait,
So ring the bells and celebrate,
Cause when the full moon starts to climb we'll all sing it out.
It's Christmas time!
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