The Best Sex I Ever Had Started With A 900 Number And Credit Card Verification Testo

Testo The Best Sex I Ever Had Started With A 900 Number And Credit Card Verification

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Somewhere between the incision and the stitch I could smell it / Lubricate and stab the innocence from between her legs / Burning from the inside out and ripping her to shreds / I can smell it burning / All she ever wanted was to break some hearts and suck some dick / She is not leaving until she is covered in vomit / And convulsing on the floor / She begged to be split wide open / From her throat to her cunt / I'm not impressed / How would you like it if I came on your back / How would you like it if I broke it off in your ass / It will take much more than that to separate the two of us / Is it too early to tell you I love you / C'mon baby we can this out together / Is it too late to ask for my shirts back / I hope you drop dead / Drop fucking dead / I thought we had something going on here / I thought what we had was special / I loved the sound of your voice / But I cannot paint the pictures of your face / I'm coming for you / Confined to a three word lie / Just wait until I find you / So I can shove this in your face / There seems to be an error here in your calculations / I'm not paying for my broken heart / There is only one thing left to say to you / I'm not paying for this

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