Absolutely Not Testo

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Testo Absolutely Not

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Always waitin? for someone To make me happy, pick me up I realize that someone is me What you call life, that ain?t livin? Bless the child that?s got his own It?s my season, now I stand alone Just thought that I would let you know Somethings you just can?t control Chorus: Should I wear my hair in a ponytail? Should I dress myself up in chanel? Do I measure me by what you think? Absolutely not, absolutely not If I go to work in a mini-skirt Am I givin? you the right to flirt? I won?t compromise my point of view Absolutely not, absolutely not Told myself I won?t complain But somethings have got to change Not gon? be a victim of All your social push and shove Right or wrong, you judge the same My picture never fit your frame What you thought, you?ll never know You can?t see me with your mind closed Repeat Chorus Now I see, life means more to me More than fancy clothes More than you?ll ever know All the ugly words that I heard you say Made me stronger than everyday Now I live my life for me Repeat Chorus (3x) Oh, ooh Woah, oh, ooh All my ladies say Oh, ooh Woah, oh , ooh Absolutely not, absolutely not All my ladies say Oh, ooh Woah, oh ,ooh All my ladies say Absolutely not, absolutely not

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