Christine Testo

Testo Christine

It isn't easy being a girl like me
One who's still a boy on the outside see
It's hard enough to fit into my girlfriends clothes
When I'll get my own only heaven knows
It isn't easy being a girl like this
Society would laugh when I take a piss
But I laugh too 'cause it's pretty lame
Yeh I laugh hard 'cause I'm not ashamed

Even when I cry myself to sleep each night
Weary of the pain of my selfish plight
I can see the end of all my shame in sight
With the virgin hope of the pure dawn light


Pure white trash and this inhuman race
Wouldn't understand and that is no disgrace
'Cause sometimes I struggle for the reasons too
But I know this is something I just have to do
And nothing makes me smile like a brand new dress
It kind of makes me sick when my hair is a mess
I wish I had a half of your poise and grace
As I look into the mirror at this ugly face

But I don't want to lose you when I get this way
It really is important that you want me to stay
I don't want to lose you will you take my hand
It really is important that you understand

But how do you know for sure
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