Fall Down At Their Feet Testo

Testo Fall Down At Their Feet

Raise the dead all the memories that you have lead
Me to fall around and nearly get why I remember you
As fondly as I do

Once again many idle words have raised a flame
And I snap around your bait in shame been trying not to show
Discomfort for you though

Stay with me not a moment more than your need be
I have listened hours for little words and they bring the past
Which binds you to another soul I don't ask that you let this go
The wonder is it's so only in the moment that I let you go
Could I ever know what it's worth now
Only when you're ready will you let this drop I can't stop you both
Be real we fly fast through these feelings got to find the ones we want
And fall down at their feet you no these gifts forever haunt

All you have is all you want
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