Keep My Heart Testo

Testo Keep My Heart

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You throw my love around
you treat me like a clown
but oh what can I do
I'm so hung up on you
you leave me feeling tired
my telephone is wired
to your expensive calls
but you don't care at all
so why do I keep my heart for you

if only you would see
just how it frightens me
to be alone again
you use to be my friend
I'm like a little girl
trapped in your busy world
you just can't keep a date
you're always running late
so why why do I keep my heart for you

this is my last goodbye
but will it catch your eye
to see me walk away
would you find words to make me stay
cause though I feel so sure
I want for nothing more
than you to fall apart
and mend my broken heart
so why why do I keep my heart for you

oh tell me why why do I keep my heart for you
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