Give Me The Pen Testo

Testo Give Me The Pen

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
And so we dress to kid ourselves into thinking that we have nothing left
Why can't we just shut up and breathe in the moment?
Then we undress and please ourselves
at least that's what we were taught to think
is this really worth it?
so they crashed those planes and we all woke up from the dream
the plot twisted...can it be straightened?
well, give me the pen..
I will write the first sentence
so should we just move on or just wait for something to happen?
well then nothing happens
waiting is just fear of change
you so scared of change you can feel it
so you think you can change the way things are?
well, give me the pen and I'll write the first sentence
it wont be a thesis or a blank question
it will be a song and will start out with "and so we dress"
once the shoe has dropped it will never stop
the future has been scripted
can it be revised?
give me the pen and I'll write the first sentence...
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