Catalina Testo

Testo Catalina

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
my room's a mess, but i don't care i'm tired of sitting at my desk you can't bother me i'm far away from you got to get away you can't ruin my day you can't tell me what to do you can't make me think i love you shoot it in the arm, you can't hurt me i'm on my way to catalina and i'm not going to read your books my tank's full of squid and it's getting light and you whores, you can't make me want 'cause i got all the rest i need on the deck of my boat and you can't take my heart when i'm here 'cause it's a long swim home for your cute little arms i'll steal some gas, fix my motor put on my beatles tape and get you out of my head ah yes, here i am, far away from everyone and the only fish i smell is on the back of my boat i want to go but my motor's broken there's no scotch tape, i'm out of gas, so it looks like i'm stuck here i'll steal some gas, fix my motor put on my doors tape and get you out of my head

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