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Testo Get The Time

When I get the time I'd like to sit down and write a little rhyme for you Just a couple few I'd tell you what you mean to me When I get the time I'd put it all down And pick you up I'd say throw it all away The world is me and you tonight Will there come a day With nothing standing in my way Loving that dream Within your arms Well I'll make it happen some day I look in your eyes Warm places inside I've never been before I gotta find some more I know you don't owe me anything When I get the time When I get the guts To live my life for me And do what I want to do I'd be the friend that you said you once knew Will there come a day When we give up and turn away And I'd have nothing left Nothing left except I'd have all the time in the world Time to remember Look through the window And time to cry Time to cry I gotta get the time Where can I find the time?

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