My World Testo

Testo My World

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
went to the no nukes rally the don quixotes made me feel silly went to the punk rock show nobody that i know did go went to my university boys and girls dress up and look pretty went to the party last night i was there, but it was really out of sight my world is my mind i'm locking myself inside people, they can't get in i have no use for them just came from my girl's bed don't think i'll ever forget what she said i tried to show her my song she laughed and said the chords were all wrong went out to look at the moon blood read and the water was too just ran away from her house not another word from her pretty little mouth went to the toilet and sat down there was no one else around i went inside my closet took my guitar and strummed upon it went out to run 5 miles sifted through my personal files went to my desk to sudy there's no world, no love, nobody but me and that's the way it's gonna be so stop knocking stop it

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