Machines Testo

Testo Machines

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
It's much easier to believe when you have it all
Everything I work for is taken by the law
Kids are Malnourished
Enough ammunition
Enough ambition for your war is at hand
Machine of Grace Machine of Glory
You have now written our brand new stories
Machine of Grace Machine of Glory
You have now made our new minority
Religions a cave for the believers
Stand with the brave
And answer the calling
Streets of tommorow are etched in sand
be not mistaken they will wash away
I hear an army marching in
I hear the knock of the world at my door
They want to take you
They want to break me
They want to watch us fall
Erase the past Destroy the present
Children that died
People that walked
I will not walk the line......
I will not live that lie *****
Fuck you and your grace
Fuck you and your glory
you have not written
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