Turn It Down Testo

Testo Turn It Down

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
And as soon as it came it was gone, taking more than it gave.
What else could we have done?
False hope and our weakness lead us on and on and on
comforted by a constant fear we raise our voices, no one hears.
We may lose but we're not lost.
Day-by-day we're making it through the nights.
And so we sing- "We are one; undivided, and we are here,"
and so we scream, "I am one independent," but no one hears.
And so we sing all at once two different songs.
I want to turn it down.
And so it comes and goes, it serves us right.
No surprise in your eyes and we're at it again,
urgency and a cheapness lead us on and on and on.
It's too loud and we can't hear.
The next to come will find us here.
I hear your words, my ears are ringing but I didn't catch what you said
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