My True Love Testo

Testo My True Love

She'll never know
how she stole my true love
for my love
never told oh my love
locked all the proof
oh my love in his heart
girl check the holes
you never know you never know

he keeps the rock I gave him
in his pocket still today
keeps my picture in
a locket by his bed
all the promises he made to me
he gave to her instead

as the garden grows
rain and leaves cover me
girl keep the knife by your side
if you need to cut

how could I let it by
this time

closed my eyes and watched you
open up three doors
love is blind love is blind
now that I see you
and I know what you are
if I could........die I would

one day you will know
as the wind begins to blow
think about the stories
that he brings from where he goes
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