(I Hate) Surfin' In H.B. Testo

Testo (I Hate) Surfin' In H.B.

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
One day I took a trip in my car
and went straight down Golden State
and went to the beach
but when I got there I just want to cry
cuz there were so many people
I didn't know what to do
cuz every time I go there
my board gets covered with oil
every time I go there
some hodad steals my wax
and when I get on top of those
the guy he cuts me off
why do they cut me off
there's stupid idiots in the water
they keep cut me off
there's too many surfers
I wanna kill myself
You know...

I hate surfing in HB
hate surfing in HB
hate surfing in HB

The chicks are jerks
the guys think their so cool
they just look at each other
and always try and steal the surf
but not on my wave this time buddy
I'm gonna push you down
I'm gonna take the wave
that wave is, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine
you're not gonna take it from me
cuz I've got it
I'm getting in there
I'm in the tube, boy I'm really getting off
I'm getting off
I'm surfing this is fucking cool

I hate surfing in HB
hate surfing in HB
hate surfing if the waves are always shitty

Ohh.... well we can always go to the beach party and find girls

Hey...Isn't, isn't that Bill floating in the shore break
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