Reagan Der Fuhrer Testo

Testo Reagan Der Fuhrer

Freedom is the price, the time to attack me
You better get away, it's all done to distract me
The real people in this world, don't hear what we say
They step on your hands every day

I read the world on my TV
Talk ?stutters? don't mean shit to me

Justice is a whim, it silently ignores
Will it take rebellion to even out the score?
Everything seems to fit in to place
One more excuse for the human race
When will you open your eyes?

You're grey, you're old, you're outta style
We just filming had you beaten by a mile

Reagan's our Führer, we need someone newer [x4]

Reagan's our Führer, we need someone newer [x3]
If I had my way, I'd hang him on a skewer
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