St. Michael's Nightmare Testo

Testo St. Michael's Nightmare

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Defende nos in proelio
Contra nequitiam
Et insidias diaboli
Esto praesidium

imperet illi Deus
Supplices deprecamir
Tuque, princeps militiae
Militiae coelestis

In the beginning of time
There was a great war
The prince of light against Belial

he kept the way of the tree of life
The gate of paradies
Provoking the rage of the most lovely angel
Of night

(I'll ascend to heaven:
I will raise my throne
Above the stars of God
I will ascend to the tops of the clouds,
I will make myslef like the most high)

(You were cast out of heaven
Where you'll never come back to
You were cut down to the ground
Light bringer, you were brought low
*Lucifer qui mane oriebaris*)

You cannot win this battle now
Jealous angel, surrender
Stop shedding blood
Jealous angel, surrender

No mercy

You've lost this fight
And heaven has lost one of his sons
You have now what you wanted
You are now your orn God in hell
A thief of souls

(You refused our love
It really hurts me
You were my brother
But I won't have mercy
Cause the fight has started)

He was not strong enough
His place in heaven was lost
His ambition hurled him down

Since then he has been flying
Above the abyss
With his host of angels
Among the dark clouds

Please, show me the way
Don't let me fade into the darkness of hell
Why did he choose the other side?
He decided to betray us

Defende nos in proelio
Contra nequitiam
Et insidias diaboli
Esto praesidium

Satanam aliosque
Spiritus malignos
Qui ad perditionem
Animarum pervagantur in mundo
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