Wars Testo

Testo Wars

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
We are all americans as much as you are
American citizens with no stripes or stars
Remember that we are not american folk
Simply be born here does not make us this land's folk

My tongue ain't american and neither is yours
Unable to speak, I am, tongues from days of yore
So I sing in this toungue of yours, so that you can see
That I think this land ain't yours, nor ours, let us be

So stupid these silly thoughts of forcing your ways
Though you might succeed you ought to see you're astray
Out from this insanity, we must get somehow
Put aside your vanity, the wars must stop now

News and all your other mass brainwashing weapons
Overwhelming power in your misleading hands
Will never make your fake world good to anyone
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