Don't Wait Up Testo

Testo Don't Wait Up

I said to the river running thru my heart
You got a long way to go until the water part
Come the clouds rollin' in and all the people hide
They say run run baby to the sunnyside

I said to the preacher standing at my door
Why you chasin' a rainbow when you got a star?
He said you're gonna be sorry if you open that lid
I said it's too late daddy I already did

Oh Oh don't wait up for me
Oh oh cuz you ain't gonna like what you see
No no no

I looked at the clock and it was quarter to twelve
I started counting the minutes to the freedom bell
I said the midnight hour is gonna take me home
And today's sorry will be here no more
I said

Oh Oh don't wait up for me
Oh on cuz you aint gonna like what you see
No no no
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