Looking Up Testo

Testo Looking Up

You figured this should be natural
It's just what you need but too much keeps getting in
your way.
You know it's never that easy.
You know it always gets complicated.
Now you're frantic, suspicious, and you pay a price
for everything

It might be the only chance you get.
After a life time of regrets, it finally looks like
things are looking up so don't look down.
I don't want to see you falling.
You thought you would have all the answers,
but what's right now seems to be all wrong.
You're fed up. You give up. You've come too far for
far too long.

Too much is expected of you,
so are you going to make the right decision now?
What's left for the loyal?
You're empty-handed once again.

What's left for the loyal?
I don't want to see you falling down
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