Kickin' Rocks Testo

Testo Kickin' Rocks

Nine hours on a stop watch behind me
fourteen hours on a jet airplane
been hangin' on to the coin ya gave.
She couldn't wait to send me away kickin' rocks to the grave
raw raw rocks to the grave. I can't even say,
babe you mean to me the rum's in the way and it belongs to me
our ropes a thread and it's ready to break.
I stink of piss and drink for days she used to put
her loving arms around me this old soul's runnin' empty.
Back from the Bar I kick and shout that's when Christmas lights
went out the neighbors called the called, the cops got me now.
She sent me away on a jet airplane before I left she threw the keys
at me I'm taken my problems over seas
I don't appreciate my babe until she sends me away!
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