The Painter Man's Spell Testo

Testo The Painter Man's Spell

In polished leather armor
Compelling dark snake charmer
Twinkling stats on night lit skies
Like fire surrounded by flies
Possessed by fame, fortune, glory
Refusing thoughts of getting hoary
Called it the privilege of youth
The creation of one’s truth

Believing in invulnerability
And this night’s bride’s virginity

We’ve got a few minutes to sell
We had our share of the painter man’s spell
And it might be good news for you
We’ve got even more, it just came out of the blue

Possessed to take the dragon’s fire
We’ve smashed and killed
Even those we’ve admired
Staring at the crest to ride
Our souls were sold and hearts began to hide
Driven by madness we’ve fulfilled the spell
Just to find ourselves in a wasted hell

With no more dreams of invulnerability
We’ve lost the belief in virginity

The shine’s gone, the armor’s tattered
Silently thankful, we’re still flattered
A second serving out of clear skies
The gods have even thoughts about the flies
An aided recall of fame, fortune, glory
For those old knights we are already hoary
Called it the privilege of lucky sods
Even battered, to beat the odds

Dreaming of invulnerability
And this night’s bride’s charity
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