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No More Mr. Nice Guy Testo Die Schwanenprinzessin

No More Mr. Nice Guy Testo

Testo No More Mr. Nice Guy

Alessandra Amoroso: si chiamerà 'A Modo Mio Vi Amo' il suo primo libro
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Gosh, it´s such a hoot to see them quaking
When I'm king, they´ll treat me with respect
I can´t wait to watch their poor hearts breaking
So much for politically correct

Up till now, I've pulled my punches
I intend to eat their lunches
No more Mr. Nice Guy, not for me

If you think that I'm hard-hearted
Well, Lamby Pie, I haven't even started
No more Mr. Nice Guy, no, siree

As soon as my witchcraft has zinged them
I'll gain control of the kingdom
As for Odette, well, that´s tragic
´Cause I´m going back to the old black magic

Good behaviour, it´s so much duller
Time to show my one true colour
Baby, Mr. Nice Guy is history

Vengeance is what I believe in
I don´t get mad, I get even
Odette can´t get to the ball ´cause I won´t bring her
So I´ll zap up a date who´s a real dead ringer

Up to no good, I love plottin´
´Cause I´m so good when I´m rotten
No more Mr. Nice Guy
Wait and see
(Wait and see)

I´ll become that nasty naughty, petty, spiteful
wicked, wayward, way delightful
bad guy I was born to be

One more time

Lying, loathsome
never tender, indiscreet repeat offender
No more Mr. Nice Guy, that´s not me
(duh, duh, duuuh)

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Scarica la suoneria di No More Mr. Nice Guy!
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