The Mission (feat. Big Punisher, Styles, Wateva) Testo

Testo The Mission (feat. Big Punisher, Styles, Wateva)

Black Sheep Five, this is Red Dog One, come back [S.G.] This is Black Sheep, copy State your position [S.G.] Well I'm in zone three but it's lookin pretty dry out here [S.G.] Request permission to put The Mission in action Affirmative Black Sheep Five, that's a green light You can set it when you're ready [S.G.] Ten-four Red Dog, it's on [Shock G] Aiyyo question: what does an Afro-rockin next-droppin Westside type have in common with a East rock a vest put you to rest type? (What?) Women, we swimmin in 'em, like batter I'm bony, he fatter (Watch it son!) My bad Pun I'm havin fun, playin with my Kiss side I'm ready to hit the telly, tickle bellies from the inside Y'all know that Shock's my name I rock brew instead of champagne Ask around the world and they'll t-tell you the same [Big Pun] Yo what the deal Shock? (Love yo) You know me, keepin they heels cocked Still round cause I'm down, 400 lbs of steel cock You feel hot I warn you, what? I never call you slut or diss you that's why my initials is on your butt I get it up when you need it, promise I'll never beat it Satisfaction guaranteed it, twice as hard if you eat it My style's comedic, but in the bed ain't nuttin funny I'm bustin your bunny and leave you smothered with nuttin but honey We on a mission in the club tonight (girl) You know we widdit [Pun] Maxin he ain't on the thug tonight (girl) You know we widdit [S.G.] I like your thighs, ain't no cellulite (girl) You know we widdit PLAY WITH MEEE! [all] The Mission Relax your feet and let me rub you right (girl) You know we widdit [S.G.] When it's over you can hug me tight (girl) You know we widdit [Pun] Packin heat cause I'm a thug for life (girl) You know we widdit LAY WITH MEEE! [all] The Mission [Styles] Whateva, what you got, let's bounce, it's twelve o'clock Let's blaze the thai, jump in the ride, find a live inside Stressed all week, scheduled sheets, rhymes and beats Hit the streets find a club and then bag the freaks Whateva throw the keys to valet, let's make our way to the club entrance (Yo there go Pun with like ten chicks!) The line's sexy, but we gon' get in this bitch Let me light a clip, look for the shorties with the nicest hips [Whateva] We had to bend a piece like the Max casual slacks Ordered the Cognac, laid back, planned our attack Straight off the back I'd approach, 'fore we took off our coats She got close, threw me the signal like a third base coach [S] Yo Whateva what's the deal? [W] Yo ain't no time to speak [S] Where you at? [W] What you think, about to find that freak The night's just beginning, strobe lights and nice women Get in where you fit in, it's just The Mission [Big Pun] Physically blubber bound, but I crush a hundred rounds Eat every bit of you my tongue is Digital Underground Fuck around and catch the tongue twister Big Pun'll make you come til you cough up a lung sister I ain't playin I be layin the laws sprayin your jaw Makin em all pray, I came in em raw Breakin em off, like I had two and the bump Whylin in the club, while my thugs, doin The Hump (girl) *repeat 2X* I'd love for you, to come on through And play with MEEEE [The Mission!] You want me to, I love you Boo So lay with MEEE [The Mission!] [Shock G] Yeah we're lookin good, raidin the skivvies now Stand by for coordinates on that supply drop and make it heavy on the lotion, whip cream, and vaseline Why don't you bounce to the crib wit me (girl) You know we widdit Puff an L, take a swig wit me (girl) You know we widdit [Pun] Open your mouth, make history (girl) You know we widdit PLAY WITH MEEE! [all] The Mission Come up to suite, at the telly with me (girl) You know we widdit [Pun] Rub jelly on your belly with me (girl) You know we widdit [S.G.] Work up a sweat and get smelly with me (girl) You know we widdit LAY WITH MEEE! [all] The Mission [Shock G] I'm over 30 in this, still dirty in this, still flirty with these misses, still Kissin 'Em Back (The same mission black!) Yeah I'd love to meet my soulmate, but what if I don't? (Good point) I ain't dyin horny, I ain't dyin broke (No way!) No actually forget the money, all I need is love in my life (In your life nigga?) I'm talkin about tonight nigga Yo Styles, is that the freak that we was dancin with? (I think so, yup!) Yeah c'mon let's see what's up Yo let's slide in the silk sheets (girl) Ooooooooh I'ma prove I'ma real freak (girl) Ooooooooh! [S.G.] I won't get mine til you feel free (girl) Ooooooooh PLAY WITH MEEE! [all] The Mission I'm ready to go downtown on ya (girl) Ooooooooh [S.G.] I rub lotion all around on ya (girl) Ooooooooh! [S.G.] I wanna make freaky squeaky sounds witcha LAY WITH MEEE! [all] Mission complete!

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