Social Slut Testo

Testo Social Slut

She's so sweet yea she's still laughin'
Even after you've told her off
You can't resist so just admit it
I know what you're thinking
You can do it, you can be the first one
Get it on and then you're done
Many people have tried to come that way
Sneak in from behind they say
They feel aroused and then you broken

She's a social slut, she's a virgin whore
She's a social slut, she'll tease you more and more
You'll take her for a granted
Then you'll try to take advantage
But she won't give in what for
She's a certified virgin whore

Could be something that is in the air
That brings her back to life
The way she feels the way she acts tonight
A conscious effort made to look away
But it's all done in vain
You're sucked in and now its too late
What comes in time you'll surely find
There's no way outta here
Your ball's in play and now you're chokin'

Take it from me, you'll fall so easily

You know she knows
The way she makes you feel
You know she shows her love
But she's just coppin' a feel
Your mistake was already made
The day you saw her face
I know you want between those legs
But son let's keep it real
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