Chihuahua Testo

Testo Chihuahua

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Traduzione di Chihuahua
What can make you move Chihuahua
Can you feel the groove Chihuahua
What can make you dance Chihuahua
Ohh, Chihuahua
What can make you sing Chihuahua
Take it and you'll you win Chihuahua
What can bring you joy Chihuahua
Ohh, Chihuahua

Verse 1:
I'm walking in the street and the moon shines bright
A little melody is spinning on my mind tonight
I gotcha it's the song about chihuahua
Yeah, that's cool alright ( Chihuahua )
It means fun - and a life without sorrow
Feels young - when you think about tomorrow
Say yo - when you're about to freak out
Just go, and then shout it out loud

Verse 2:
I'm driving in my car looking for a parking space
There it is my place, someone else wins the race
No, I give up, today is not my day
but then I take a deep breath and say
Calm down - when you're about to go crazy
Turn around - and feel as fresh as a daisy
Just run - because it's time to go
Have fun, and let the whole world know ( Chihuahua )

Chihuahua here, Chihuahua there
Everybody wants it everywhere
Sing it loud and life can be so easy
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