Fuck 'em All Testo

Testo Fuck 'em All

(feat. Red Cafe)

[Verse 1: Red Cafe]
You so lame it should be ya first name
And I'm so raw I'm Bolivian cocaine
I'm da next to kin to Loso or Cain
I'm disrespectful, I'm drivin in both lames
Dey pushin my buttons to fuck with my campaign
Dey kno jermain is here to take over the game
The arm and hammer chain or the konvict chain
The shakedown chain, I clean it champagne
Then I take aim and I blocka blocka
Dem heavyweight shots from da choppa choppa
You can google cafe, I'm a shotta shotta
And men don't play play wen i rompa rompa
Since da bubble L-E-X-U-S,I ben swervin and servin the whole U.S
The Remy in the burbon be burnin my chest
S.F, We da best, Middle finger to da rest

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
I said, Fuck em all motherfuck em all
Cuz I shop so much I smell like da fuckin mall
Its so many guns ain't no where 2 tuck em all
And you might dodge 1 but let me see you duck em all
No way no how, Shit I kno dat
Almost as much as I kno O.J. a blow trail
I be in da club, Rose' no smile
Few pretty chicks like ok can we go now
I must be the nigga, I run in ya house
Snatch ya lil russy and diggy
It must be no biggie
And if I have to I do it myself
I'm feelin like a puff wit no Biggie
Now these joker niggas O.D'n pullin da heaf ledge
So I'm a kill a cow and make sure dat da beef dead
Burger ass niggas, I look further past niggas,
And goover the head, I uncle Murder ass niggas
I say fuck em all, Motherfuck em all
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