Intro Testo

Testo Intro

[Fabolous: Talking]
Ladies and gentlemen, I now welcome you to the gangsta grillz,
DRAMA! U kno wat dis is

[Verse 1:]
Ya see I come from the bottom, But I stay on da top
Ya might need a ladder shorty cause I'm way on da top
Dats right I'm rich and I'm young like it say on my top
And if u ask my bottom bitch, Man she say I'm on top
I got more paper for slow hoes to catch up bitch
Ya best become one of those who wait but I ain't catch up bitch
I flick fast as a light switch, That's right bitch
I don't wing at everything, Just da right pitch
Ya over ate, Ya over the plate
Send her over send her over, I rim rover ya date
Tell ya boo boo don't be koo-koo, Don't head over to hate
You know how many people end up dead over they date?
She's a groupie, wen I head over it's late
And pull a Lupe, As soon as the heads over I Skate
Yea, I'm kick pushin, See they ass lookin
I jus push for da head, You could say I'm mooshin
Slide on these nikes with my name in da cushions
Same style as da plane they fly president bush in(Ok Ok Ok Ok)
And I'm gone with da wind, Mixtape bullshit I am on it again
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