U Ain't Sayin' Shit Testo

Testo U Ain't Sayin' Shit

Nigga you ain't sayin shit
You ain't really mean it right, Who da fuck you playin with
Tell dat 2 dem tired ass hoes you be layin with
Nigga you ain't sayin shit, You ain't sayin shit

[Verse: Fabolous]
You are in the way, Pardon you my nigga
Won't you get from out my face with all dat aren't you da nigga
4 we beat you 2 a pulp, You know orange juice a nigga
We'll have yo ass missin, Milk carton you my nigga
You kno how dem double shots of Remy Martin do a nigga
I shoot yo bitch ass, Remy Martin you my nigga
And I might say wassup, Like Martin do my nigga
But there's some where my fly ass should be departin 2 my nigga
I suceed at what ever I put my heart into my nigga
So picture when I draw and put dis art into a nigga
There's some fraud in you my nigga, I see braud in you my nigga
You soft as baby food and ain't no hard in you my nigga
You jus jabberin and jibberin, Blab anotha fib again
Have em at yo crib again, Grab 1 of yo siblings
Fab in da Carribbean, Dabblin and Dibbian
Leapin from pad 2 pad, Fab might be amphibian
And you must be a reptile, Snake ass fake ass
Scramble egg and bacon nigga, Yea you betta break-fast
Gon head baby shake yo ass, Fuck dem niggas make yo cash
Only time dey scoopin green is prolly when they rakin grass
Worry me please, What da fuck you take me as
I brush em like dandruff, With dey flaky ass
Stay close to dat glock he has, Loso and his cocky ass
Nigga block my goals, I put some holes up in his hockey mask

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