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Testo Boomtown

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
boomtown, boomtown boomtown, boomtown. it's hard to say, how it got this way.. what i wanna know when does it end. well they squeeze you dry, then they let you die. and then just throw ya away. well the jobs were there, but they ain't no more. now your starin' at a closed factory door. and the banker, he don't give a damn. he'd walk right over a dyin' man. boomtown: well they set you up just to knock ya down. boomtown: well your gonna get turned upside down. it comes an' goes, ya never know. when it's your turn for desolation row. got no time to think, when your feelin' sore. an' the grass ain't green anymore. a revolving door, that your bound to meet. shovin' people right out in the street. to a nightmare that keeps comin' round. just hold on an' try not to drown. boomtown: well they set you up just to smash you down. boomtown: well your gonna get you'll get mowed down. boomtown: well ya gotta smile, gotta smile - yeah better not frown. boomtown - keep it to yourself. shut yer mouth - yeah shut up an' sit down. even if you try, your gonna cry cause yo won't make ends meet. cause the boomtown will let you down it never comes through with the goods. it's a boomtown: well they set you up just to cut ya down. boomtown: well your gonna get gonna get turned upside down. boomtown: ya gotta smile gotta smile - better not frown. boomtown: keep it to yourself shut your mouth - shut up and sit down

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