Guns, Booze & Sex Testo

Testo Guns, Booze & Sex

guns, booze & sex - that's the american way. guns, booze & sex - that's all that you need. guns, booze & sex - in the usa. watch out for psychos in your town. well you can get it all pretty cheap. but, what's been sown, is what you'll reap. an' you won't be singin' make my day. when it's your turn to get blown away. guns, booze & sex - well maybe you think that's bitchin'. guns, booze & sex - but it's just gettin' more twisted. guns, booze & sex - take a walk thru hell's kitchen. they'll pull it out pour it in and fire away. guns, booze & sex - you see it on the news at six. guns, booze & sex - ya see it on your cop shows. guns, booze & sex - ya see it anytime, who knows. watch out for the psycho in your neighborhood. it's right down here on the corner. it's getting so big it's a monster. what they got you might use. but ya might bite off more than you can chew. guns, booze & sex - you don't care what the cost. guns, booze & sex - nothin' won, but many lost. guns, booze & sex - you got the money man. guns, booze & sex - just the facts, just the facts.

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