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Testo Help Me Get Out Of Here

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
bad news keeps comin', round the clock. they say law & order, put it to a stop. the president wants more cops. like sittin' 'round waitin', for a bomb to drop. oh no, i can't. oh no, i can't stand it. chorus: help me get out of here. seen more bull than a herd of steers. they guys in charge leave me in tears. so help me, help me help me get out of here. everybody's happy, down at the mall. while casey casum, runs the cattle call. i seen michael jackson, tryin' to maul elvis in a knock 'em down brawl. that's disgusting, they should be in jail sharin' a cell with danny quayle. they coul get more coke, while they wait for bail from ollie north an' sing happy trails. oh no, i can't stand it. oh no, i can't stand it. (chorus) here's an idea, to get you on track. watch more t.v. an' do some crack. while ronald reagan makes a come back. rodney king pretends he's ain't black. oh no, i can't stand it. oh no, i can't stand it

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