I Played The Fool Testo

Testo I Played The Fool

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
i went to a club, the bandd was fast but the liquor was quicker, they took all my cash. the bouncers threw me out, like a bowl of goulash. chorus: they said i played the fool last night. got a talent for trouble i should copyright. i put myself in the spotlight. yeah, i played the fool. well i don't usually lose my cool. but this geek was actin' like a real tool. so i drove his car into a swimmin' pool. (chorus) i am what i am, an' that's all i am. an' you know sometimes i just don't give a damn. the cops took me off to jail. i though i could land some kind of bail but the judge took one look an' said no sale. (chorus) some people say i'm kinda rude just depends on what you call crude. i guess i'm just one loud-mouthed dude. (chorus) i am waht i am, that's all i am. an you'll go my way, if ya got some kinda jam. i played the fool last night, i got no case of stage fright. i was drinkin' whiskey on a summer's night. yeah, i played the fool last night. drivin' through the red light i played the fool last night. thought i was in a prizefight. i played the fool last night. thought i was in a prizefight. i played the fool last night. i guess i was a little bit tight. i played the fool last night

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