I See Your Cross Testo

Testo I See Your Cross

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
you got their trust, you got their faith you push salvation, sell them a place b't wait to split up the country, make it second rate chorus we got ourselves a real logjam free traders pullin' their scam we got ourselves a real logjam sell the country off to uncle sam our native people have no say and millions of rednecks like it that way the hacks in office, nose in the trough it's time to boot 'em into the rideau canal i see your cross you got their trust, you got their faith you push salvation, sell them a place but you don't just hide behind the cross you just hide you've got your power, that's your strength that's what you covet, not real faith and we know, you kept it silent while you committed your violence chorus i see your cross, and it can blind the people's crutch, keeps them in line i see your cross and your lies the flock are blind, jesus christ strip their lives, strip their souls their native culture, dead and cold you lead the boys, down the garden path didn't care about the aftermath and your victims, that you abused like mt. cashel, you just used and now we know, about the past it's time someone tore away your mask chorus got no excuse, got no excuse

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