Running Out Of Time Testo

Testo Running Out Of Time

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
see the winds of change are coming better hold on to your hat promising to clear the air of some foul smelling crap maybe things won't be the same in times to come but it's clear that what goes on here is the closest thing to dumb that i've seen what you think is yours alone will soon be a memory and all the backs you've been living off will be ancient history just to escape with your life will be cheating fate 'cause when so many people rise your apologies will be too late acting like everything's fine when you know it's just a lie so i tell you now is the time it's all about to change think about your obese life i know that might be strange while you smugly accumilate with your precious self in mind the shit's about to hit the fan you're running out of time

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