The Living Dead Testo

Testo The Living Dead

there's something gone. nothing left, no faith. my head is dazed, twisted and confused. everything seems crazed. sun & rain, wind & time. have taken back their peace. i stand alongside the enemy. for me there's no release. chorus: taken from the infirmary and make 'em just like you and me. stripmine my human soul. and leave a lifeless entity. life living dead we fill the streets. staring vacantly. sex, death and t.v. ads. disconnected from reality. circuits in my head. programmed and replaced. stimulate my new world joy. watch me stuff my face and what it's worth, to save this world. less and less it seems indeed. just tell me i'll pay any price as long as you don't involve me. (chorus) staring vacantly, sex, death, and t.v. ads. believing that they're free, sex, death, and t.v. ads. mindless entity, sex, death, and t.v. ads staring vacantly

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