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Testo Trial By Media

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
media, paints a picture for the people who need it. not somebody who's breathing but somebody who's different. it takes brains, looks or weirdoes. see them on the t.v. taking life in their own hands trying to live their own life not kissing someone's ass. marching in time to the modern sound what you imagine, keeps comin' down. day by day, week by week. where is the energy we all seek we've got the future in the palm of our hands. still we wait on somebody's command. but if you try to change the day, you'll just get locked away. they'll just put ya... under trial, it's a trial by media. trial by media. under trial, it's a trial by media. they locked the five away - an' threw away the key. an' now they world is safe - for them an' you and me. but everybody knows - it's really not that way. where are the lies comin' from anyway?

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