Wish I Was In El Salvador Testo

Testo Wish I Was In El Salvador

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
used to be in a gang 'till i beat a kid half dead in a video arcade judge gave me a choice: jail or the marines best time i ever had was being an mp aw yeh i wish i was down in el salvador where i could jerk off with my gun and kill the poor more gang busts after i'm discharged got on offer frome police surprise! we'll wipe your record clean if you'll become one of us you've got just the skills we need for the government's official gang robothug riot squad already i want more aw yeah, i wish i was down in el salvador we're just countin' days 'til we can do it up here well, officer friendly- what does elmer the safety elephoant have to say about this...? well, good buddy i''ll bet he says you can't do this argh! or this argh! or this argh! or even this argh! "his toy gun looked real i had to defend myself..." i'm always lookin' for excuses to defend myself people are storming out into the streets people are poouring out into the streets they hate me, they hate me i just might have to defend myself now! it's party time... i look at you and smolder with my nightstick and my shield little kids throw rocks at me their moms call me a pig commander says i gotta hold the line 'til the tv cameras leave then we'll fire away, make my day just like good ol' kent state why wait! it'll be like i was down in el salvador gonna jerk of with my gun and kill the poor be a big man with my gun and kill the poor jerk off with my gun i think i'm gonna kum then i'll kiss my gun good night and put her under my pillow

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