Does He Love You? Testo

Testo Does He Love You?

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I've known about you for a while nowwhen he leaves me he wears a smile nowas soon as he's away from mein your arms iswhere he wants to beBut you're the one he rushes home toyou're the one he gave his name toI never see his face in the early mornin' lightyou have his mornin', his daytime,and sometimes I have his nightsCohrus:But does he love youdoes he love youlike he loves melike he loves medoes he think of youdoes he think of youwhen he's holdin' meand does he wishperdoes he whisperall his fantasiesdoes he love youdoes he love youlike he's been lovin' meBut when he's with me he says he needs meand that he wants methat he believes in meand when I'm in his arms, ohhe swears there's no one elseis he deceiving meor am I deceiving myselfChorus:Oh, shouldn't I lose my temperoh, and shouldn't I be ashamedcause I have everything to loseand I, have nothing to gainChorus:Oh, does he love you?

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