From A Distance Testo

Testo From A Distance

From a distance, the world looks blue and greenand the snow capped mountains whitefrom a distance, the ocean meets the streamand the eagle takes to flightFrom a distance, there is harmonyand the echo through the landit's the voice of hopeit's the voice of peaceit's the voice of every manFrom a distance, we all have enoughand no one is in needand there are no gunsand no bombs and no diseasesno hungry mouths to feedFrom a distance, we are instrumentsmatching in a common bandplaying songs of hopeplaying songs of peacethere is the song of every manGod is watching us, God is watching us,God is watching us, from a distance,Ooh God is watching us...from a distanceFrom a distance, you look like my friendeven though we're at warfrom a distance, I just cannot comprehendwhat all this fighting is for?It's the hope of?, it's the love of allit's the heart of every manit's the hope of? it's the love of allit is the song of every manooh God is watching us, God is watching usfrom a distance

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