Disgusted Testo

Testo Disgusted

"Why ask why do you need a reason?"
"While you're squakin' I'll be chillin' like a vulcan" [x6]

Look who's disgusted to tell of a relationship just drag
Life's a drag Excessions for a drag I'm down to rags
And breaks from my old cassette tape
My boomer box filled with this for the audio rate
Ain't nothin' greater then some shakable bubonic
My jams the chronic
Suggestive the whole mind state is pure agressional best infession
Baby you and me can get down
My boogie live my family jive with the woofer and down aaaye!
I explore rappin' within the groove I make things happen
And ask when I critique myself to rappin' beats
I sign my strength get to length
Then pray apon the weak I'm absolete
Without brew I just don't know what to do
A soul mystifiers on bound action like the truth
My baby boo thinks stack I got my tootsie roll on hold
Weak to the nareic known as Sugar Baby
MC's back up yeah yeah as this plaque unfolds
1-2 I'm disgusted like that. 1-2 Down to Earth is disgusted like that
1-2 I'm disgusted like that. 1-2 In every sense of the word
"While your squakin I'll be chillin like a vulcan" [x4]

Check it now baby listen, I'll remain sane within my restrictions
So much heat in my kitchen Ikeep the arrogent just bitchin
My back sternI learn so many suckers carry shanks
Before you can blink your feelin the insertion of the break
I'm head overdue the world and it's ways
I except fake like most MC's except props
And now I'm thinkin', I'm thinking of relationships
No thanks for your help Down 2 Earth is at self
Now baby bust it
Why you have to leave me so disgusted
The thought of having to leave reinfested
Our love was thick but in the end you be the diz
My name is Eric and I'm sure you won't forget it
For now I have to leave you with a pound and some distance
No reminising this is far for me to get you in
So I've been feusin; baby you and me ain't down
1-2 mic checkin' as I leave you with this question

[Hook x4]

The frustrated far from fasinated
Between the lust and the hated portrier of your avment
From a lover to a hater all that matters
Is that the Eath makes splatters
Mission mode stop the presses, the pressure is depression
No depression just boredom
Stop naggin' me, attitude antagastige
My boots are knockin' but my door is locked
I got some force to crack a fills and plus a jung on the track
Hip hop should never front on me
back to whom it my concern form the pleasure to terror
Inbetween a rock and a pillow
Too bored to stay awake but I can't get caught sleepin'
I must of slept no regrets I ddin't slip sleep slumbers
No time to get involved pick a number

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