Jordan (Interlude) Testo

Testo Jordan (Interlude)

Jordan's Voice Mail: Yeah yeah, what's up? This is Jordan. I'm not at the crib right now, so if you leave me your name and number. As a matter of fact, just go ahead and page me. 888-555-2620. When I get the hit, I'll hit you. Peace out.


Answering machine: Friday, 5:09 PM

Diana: Hey Jordan, it's Diana. I just got back from the mall, I was waiting for you you there, but I guess something must of come up because you weren't there. Um, I'm going to be at rehersal at 8:00 tonight, so if you can please try to call me before then because I would like to talk to you. Ok bye.


Answering machine: Friday, 5:13 PM.

Melissa: Hey Jordan, it's Melissa. Um, we were supposed to go to beach today, but you didn't show up, so I guess you had something better to do, but whatever. Um, give me a call sometime before 8 because I'm going to be at the studio so give me a call sometime before then because I would like to talk to you, so, yeah, bye.


Answering machine: Friday, 6:21 PM

Holly: Hi Jordan, it's Holly. I guess you didn't call me or anything cause I was sitting at home all day waiting for you, but um, maybe something came up or something. Just give me a call when you get this, I have to go to the studio at 8. Maybe you can call me before I go and then I'll get to talk to you before I go. Ok, talk to you later, bye.


Answering machine: Friday, 8:27 PM.

Ashley: Hey Jordan, this is Ashley. So what's up with you? You think you can play me today, what, and the rest of my girls? No, I don't think so. You know what? We're at the studio right now. I don't know what makes you think you can play all us, but it ain't gonna happen. So, see ya!


Answering machine: End of messages
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