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Testo Krazy

Dream:la la la la la lala la la la la laBoy I know you will be unsureso I wanna let you knowthat you got mebaby I`m all yoursgotta have you aroundI don`t wanna do without you hereand you still don`t get the pictureRefr: I`m krazy about you ( crazy )and I I gotta have you`cause I like the way youmaking me feel ( boy I like the way )boy it`s for realla la la la la la ( oohh )I`m krazy about you( make me feel )and I I gotta have you( gotta have you )`cause I like the way youmaking me feelboy it`s for realla la la la la laCan`t wait to be alone with youheart is rasing when you lookat me babyif I could I wouldwanna feel this way for goodyou don`t know just what you doto me baby I got to be with youRefr.x1I hope you really understand mecan`t make it hard for you to seethat we were meant to be togetherso before I look at you ( no )there`s something I think you should knowthat you ( oh ) you ( yeah ) don`t know me feelings ( check it out Loon )Loon:Drop to I`m your marcius AK and holla em nice come more and moreheard you have a love lifeyou look so good pretty as the sunshine but your`s a gold mawife he had a whole nightyou can`t devilin my mind first time I met you and more and most I got time to sweat you but you look krazy and a noon as sazy baby I can`t act it don`t face me`cause I tried to fight it tried to cassel the hide it you had I work girl I can`t deny itI`m just a fool for your lovecool up the course I just wanna move smooth like I`m cruisin` adore ( see ya )and don`t may more choose who are lost choose who are hugh choose who are usually brought listenfor other chicks who are usually brought if you wanna know the reason why I choose you to comeyou got me krazy Refr.x2

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