Reality (Intro) Testo

Testo Reality (Intro)

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Who was that girl next to your man today?Oh, It was this next-door neighbor**Laughs**Next door neighbor, Di?Yeah?C?mon, now?You know I?m gonna, like, buy thatWell, I mean yeah, because?yeahDi?he?s a liarHe?s been playing you this whole timeNo he hasn?tDi?Who hangs out with their new next-door neighbor at the mall?Without telling their girlfriendLike??Oh, I?m just going to go to the mall?I think she?ll think it?s cool?ExactlyI don?t think soNo, I trust himWell you had plans todayAnd he obviously, I mean, he left you to go with herHold on?time out, time outAre you gonna believe this guy Di?Well what else should I believe?

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