Perfect Soul Testo

Testo Perfect Soul

[Music: Albert Maroto, Jorge Sáez, Elisa C. Martin, Lyrics: Elisa C. Martin]

I've never sighed before the dusk
But I was there with you
With my heart waiting for your last command
I'm so afraid, I don't know what to do
I'll tremble as I speak
If you think that I am weak
Your words can't be denied
The truth will be your key
You back down, you want to change
But your blows feeds the fire with
The passion you can show
Yes, I know that I'm not a perfect soul
But I'm going to try
Have the force and am alive
You don't try to be a perfect girl
The shadow's coming back
And you will be to die
I have my dreams, I still can't turn away
I am myself and that is more that what I was
Mercy is over!
I know your name, your name is mine
You think that you don't belong to any one
But your imperfect soul has always been mine
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