The Eye Of War Testo

Testo The Eye Of War

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I am hidden
In my heart the fear
But I have to raise my head
I'm expecting
with my eyes full of tears
I need to see the death
Running through dead bodies
Always chasing the huge danger
To retain in my eye all this pain
All this horror on the floor
I am here because
Now I am the eye of war
In this war I'm a free prisoner
I'm waiting to find and to record
I can help you
But I'm not your salvation
I've to do my work
Day by day my sentiments
Vanish out of my soul
In this day I'm the only one
Maybe today I'll survive
Maybe I'll die...
In this madness
I'm a real victim
Sadness running through my veins
Open my lens
To record all your fear
I'll go out of this place
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