ABC's, 123's Testo

Testo ABC's, 123's

Yeah though, it's your playa potna with some game lacin' for you

[Chorus x2]

ABC's 123's
Serve it on a platter, don't matter how freaky it seems
Nigga's brain and keep they status ??????
Cause they might come fuck with you but never with your boy

[First Verse: Dubee]

It was one
Motherfuckin clip in the gun
When two
Niggas got to steppin on my shoes
So three
Niggas got bucked quickly
Then four
More niggas came out the door
So five
Shots got fired in the line
And six
Niggas lay fucked in the mix
Duece chevy four hundred revin'
Cause in the freeway they getting ate
Nine hundred is what a nigga do
Ten fuckin' friends see his killas in the crew, thought you knew
Us niggas don't give a fuck
So people get the fuck out my face if you hollarin' on a c-note
We go, peep the zero, below half a kilo
It ain't no good
Going to keep it in your hood
On the wood, I be wicked, kick it like a niggas ass
And fuck your weed if you ain't got hash

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Two: Dubee]

A, now the situation B
Rollers in the heezie searchin' tryin' to C
Hollaring with a hot weapon, loot, and the D
Gang of peckerwoods in the h-o-E
F'n at my momma house lookin for the G's
H'ous[as in anxious] to bring a nigga down to his knees
I be a nigga searchin' for a J
Cat where he at, get up on him with a K
L is for the driver dank to the lighter
Exhale, a nine double leMoN screw driver
In possession, servin' O's no question
P's is what a nigga pop on these heffers
My Q's nigga i stay on em' nigga R you new
I put that on the S it ain't through
Hit turf and block off that T-top
And U going to drop for a niggas stop
In the V, it's major faulty
On the double[W], you need to back off me
Before you get X'ed out, hollarin' Y me
Cause i'm servin' niggas Z's, over my cheese

[Chorus x4]

That ain't nothing but game lacin' on a whole other level
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