Breathe Testo

Testo Breathe

Baby, breathe, breathe
I know what I did makes you want to leave, leave
I swear her kiss didn't even mean a thing, to me
Girl, I'm nothing without you
Just breathe girl, just breathe girl

[verse 1:]
Wish I could take you back
Wish I could change the past
Wish I was smart enough
Not to play with love
Where do I go from here
Now that you're crying, dear?
Tell me it's not too late
I'm dying inside cos I pushed you away
I know I messed up and you want to go
Girl, all I need is one more chance
Before you walk out that door


[verse 2:]
Two years just up in flames
Two years just down the drain
Now I'm sitting here feeling this pain
Cos my life just walked away
Right now I miss you, girl
Right now I feel your hurt
If I could rewind baby, I would
But I can't know, so baby hear me when
I know I messed up, and you want to go
I know I don't deserve another chance
Before you walk out that door


[verse 3:]
Girl, I'm sitting here fighting to save us
And there's no way in hell I'm 'bout to give this up
Girl, you mean so much to me
I can't afford for you to leave me, girl
You're the only one

[chorus x3]
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