Motherfucker Testo

Testo Motherfucker

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Well I'm a motherfucker yes this I will admit
She made a TV dinner and she made me cum on it
My dad was outta town, my sister went to school
And I ain't been inside of it since 1962

Yeah she kisses me goodnight
She made me eat my tongue
She gave me my allowance
And told me I was hung
We keep it in the family
It's sick and kinda sad
My shrink says I been drinking
Cuz "you think you're your dad"

What's the word?

Ba-ba-ma-mah-motherfucker I'm a motherfucker,
I'm a motherfucker I'm a motherfucker
I fuck my mo mow mama motherfucker