Runaway #2 Testo

Testo Runaway #2

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Susie sliced her wrists she was a beauty queen
Johnny's sniffing glue 'cuz there's nothing else to do
Susie smeared her lipstick it tastes like daddy's cum
Johnny's in a backroom getting sucked off by his mom
They fell in love in a hospital ward making out on the toilet fucking on the floor
Sneak out the door gotta get away out on the highway running night and day
Oh yeah runaway keep on following the sun
Oh yeah runaway we just wanna have some fun
All alone in a cold dark night looking for a way out looking for a light
Robbed a store Susie screams in fright Johnny's on the floor what a bloody site
Lying naked in a pool of his own blood
Johnny wants some ass Susie sucks her thumb
Susie wants to go but got no place to run
Johnny knows he's dying but first he wants to cum
Oh yeah runaway keep on following the sun
Oh yeah runaway now we just wanna have some fun
We just wanna have some fun we only wanna have some fun
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